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Governor Brown

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Administrative Orders - 2008

Admin. Order Number Case Name Case Number Order Type Issuance Date

2008-01 Mayflower Dairy 07-RC-07-VI Order Denying Request for Review of Executive Secretary's Order Denying Motion to Dismiss Election Objections 3/7/08
2008-02 Aukeman Farms 06-CE-35-VI Order Regarding General Counsel's Motion to Request Time to File an Amended Backpay Specification 4/3/08
2008-03 Aukeman Farms 06-CE-35-VI Order Setting Time to File Response to General Counsel's Motion to Amend Backpay Specification 4/18/08
2008-04 Aukeman Farms 06-CE-35-VI Order Granting General Counsel's Motion to Amend Backpay Specification; Order Setting Time to File Answer to Amend Backpay Specification 5/6/08
2008-05 Boschma Dairy & Sons 2008-MMC-01 Order Dismissing Request for Mandatory Mediation and Conciliation 7/22/08
2008-06 Sun Pacific Cooperative Incorporated 2008-PM-001 Order Granting Motion for Withdrawal of Motion to Deny Access and Bar Organizers and Organizations; Order Taking Matter Off Calendar 8/19/08
2008-07 The Hess Collection Winery 99-CE-23-SAL, et al. Order Denying General Counsel's Request for Special Permission to Appeal Ruling of Administrative Law Judge 8/29/08
2008-08 Boschma Dairy & Sons 2008-MMC-02 Order Directing Parties to Mandatory Mediation and Conciliation 9/8/08
2008-09 Gallo Vineyards, Inc. 07-RD-1-SAL Order Setting Time for Responses to Certified Bargaining Representative's Motion for Reconsideration 11/19/08
2008-10 Gallo Vineyards, Inc. 07-RD-1-SAL Order Granting General Counsel's Motion to Intervene 12/4/08
2008-11 Boschma & Sons Dairy 2008-MMC-02 Order Making Mediator's Report Final 12/24/08